Zinodotou Studio | Athens 

A former storage space in central Athens has been converted into a design studio, breathing new life in a 1970s building in the neighbourhood of Pagrati.

Located at a Lower level than the street, the space occupies a basement where large windows open to the neighbourhood, creating an almost completely transparent façade that establishes a direct relationship between the interior of the studio and the street.

Bespoke steel frame windows and a matching door, were installed in order to create the connection to the street and the local community. Theatre-like curtains have been used to frame the view from the studio to the street and create a peaceful space inside when they are closed.

The interior of the space unfolds in two primary areas that communicate with each other, the main workspace and a meeting space with the Kitchen.

The surfaces, in continuity with those of the exterior, also emphasize the relationship between the studio and the city, providing a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

The continuity between the studio and the street is further accentuated by the access staircase which directly connects to the load bearing walls of the basement. The staircase becomes an extension of the street, penetrating into the building itself, with a bespoke made metal railing reinforcing it’s character. 

This project was about more than just making a practical space. It was about creating a place that fits well within the local community.

Status: Completed | 2023
Location: Pagrati, Athens
Photography: Lorenzo Zandri