Savile Gents Grooming | Athens 

A Ground Floor shopfront has been transformed into a gentleman’s barber shop, drawing inspiration from the traditional British aesthetics.

The 22sqm barber shop is located in a 1970s apartment block in the neighbourhood of Kolonaki in central Athens.

The vision was to create a minimalistic space with classical touches. The design focuses on creating a calming space with simple natural colours and materials for the floors and walls, contrasted by dark woodwork.

The layout of the space is very simplistic. Glass partitions were utilised to separate the main barbering area from the Kitchen and Bathroom, ensuring a sense of openness and fluidity in the space. The walls and ceilings were painted in a light beige colour in order to give a bright and welcoming feel.

The freestanding haircutting stations reflect a more classic design, while the rest of the joinery have more contemporary details. Dark leather chairs face the stations, and custom made mirrors hang above, completing the scene.

The barber shop has turned into a space of simplicaity and elegance, offering a relaxing experience to its visitors.

Status: Completed | 2023
Client: Savile Gents Grooming 
Collaborators: Vassilis Tsesmetzis 
Photographer: Athina Souli