Knightsbridge Apartment | London

Spanning along the Ground and Lower Ground Floors, the apartment presented initial challenges with its suboptimal circulation and limited natural light penetration into the main areas. Moreover, the Lower Ground Floor suffered from cramped rooms and poor circulation.

The primary aim of the project was to establish a seamless connection between the Ground Floor Living Room and the Lower Ground Floor Kitchen, while relocating the two bedrooms to each side of the Lower Ground Floor to take advantage of the front and rear lightwells.

In the design approach, great care was taken to preserve the cherished character of the apartment’s traditional and longstanding original features. The goal was to honor the history of the building while seamlessly integrating contemporary design elements.

The staircase links the Living Room to the Kitchen and acts as the main focal point of the house. The solid oak fin balustrades extend from the ceiling of the Ground Floor all the way down to the Kitchen worktop. The stair steps are made out of MDF and light oak veneer and create a seamless connection with the Kitchen worktop at the point they meet. By incorporating the dark oak materials of the staircase into the Kitchen joinery, a sense of unity and continuity is achieved, aligning with the initial design vision.

These meticulous details not only visually differentiate the Living Room from the staircase but also establish a harmonious relationship with the vertical proportions of both the Living Room and the Kitchen, resulting in a cohesive design.

The staircase, crafted from dark oak timber, serves as a contemporary addition that accentuates the modern additions while facilitating a seamless flow to the Lower Ground Floor Kitchen. The custom-made joinery throughout the apartment also showcases the same dark oak timber, adding a sense of cohesion. With its minimalistic design and abundant natural light, the apartment offers a tranquil and aspirational living space in the heart of central London.  

Status: Completed | 2023
Project Location: Knightsbridge, London
Client: Square One Partners  
Collaborators: Manuel Gonzalez Nogueira, Vassilis Tsesmetzis
Contractor: Coldrum Group
Photographer: Guy Archard